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March 5 2022
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Hammer 2 Apk

Hammer 2 apk with game has a mission like GTA vice city game which is so well known in the gaming world so today we got a similar game but not at all some features are different to GTA vice city so that is why it has its own taste.
Then why not we try it that how it helps to its player to be excited as I was telling that it is a little bit similar to GTA voice so as a player has to fight against police constables and major target to destroy police cars  included being safe from arrest , try your best to prevent your life from the police custody it might be that you can be shot down by the police if you are caught red-handed by doing killing and destroying police constables and their cars it is big crime according to the rules and laws as it is counted a biggest crime so you can be sent  to the jail or shot to death but don’t be afraid it is just a game and you have to shoot police and demolish buildings and shops , create a destructive environment in this scenario police forces of the city are concerned about your destructive behavior this makes anger to the police force and in no time warrant arrest is issued by peace keeping forces on behalf of the management of the city against you so , police cars chase you and sometimes catch you if you don’t play an active role  so make your player of the game active for avoiding being arrested it is up to your mind and imagination alert and lively as in the game your player or character uses many and different weapons and tools major of them are Helicopters and Tanks to hit your targets as in the city there are uncountable vehicles are roaming on the roads some of them are belong to civilian and few of them are belong to Police as in black and yellow vehicles so to aim your target you need to know you can recognize police cars which are in yellow colors so you have to hit them by your powerful shot gun it is your mission of the game by the way you should come to know black vehicles are not your targets so avoid to shoot them ,you can use powerful weapons and arms and specially helicopter is the best way to hit your targets from specific height and wonderful tanks are also available you don’t need to spend money for purchasing arms and weapons because game provide you unlimited money and unlimited taste a very cool action game must play it once by downloading Hammer 2 Apk.
Hammer 2 Apk
Hammer 2 Apk


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